Lisa Lord
Old Town
Betty’s Custom Jewelry
Betty Begin

Falling in love with natural Stone jewelry came quite accidentally to me. I started making these pendants for myself as something to do after retiring from a full time job. Little did I know that I would make this another business. The background and history of these stones became part this business as each stone is unique and had a dynamic of its own. Each pendant is custom wirewrapped depending on the shape and size. They are done in Sterling silver or gold filled wire .

Avery Pierce
Jewelry created with my own hand formed flamework glass beads and metal work.
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Gary Dow
Terry Strickland

Find a unique, beautiful accessory to highlight your signature style at Karrottop Jewelry. Karrottop Jewelry offers a long line of 100% sterling silver accessories including necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings crafted into sophisticated, timeless designs. Each piece is completely handcrafted to create an authentic, original look showcasing artistic elegance and personal care.

Karrottop Jewelry in Old Town, Maine, is named for my two beautiful red-headed daughters, who have enjoyed my handmade jewelry pieces their entire lives. I have worked with a diverse range of materials in the past and now carefully hammer and weave sterling silver to make one-of-a-kind jewelry gems. Each intricate chain, delicate pendant and elegant hoop is meticulously forged by hand, so no two are exactly alike.

Karrottop jewelry can be found at craft shows across Maine, and you can order yours online to have it shipped anywhere in the U.S. Explore the gallery to find a genuine sterling silver accessory to add to your own jewelry box, or to give as a present to friends or family. If you have a special design in mind, contact me today for a custom order handmade sterling silver jewelry.

Old Town
Ken Kantro
mbs jewelry designs
Mary A. Smith
Jewelry crafted by hand using sterling silver, gold-fill, therapeutic copper, and flexible leather, along with genuine gemstones, high quality crystal, glass, and other beads (including nuts and shells), and fine clasps and other findings (also hand-crafted in most cases).

I have been making hand-crafted jewelry since 2004. I like to tell my customers that my first pair of earrings took me all day to make and then I threw them out (they weren't fit to wear or sell)! And now my earrings (depending on style) can take from 15 minutes to an hour or more to make - and I seldom throw them out! I strive to make fine quality jewelry at an affordable price. I am a local designer, having been born and bred in the State of Maine.

Sandra Bryant
Mexican boulder opal (or fire opal), on a copper splash, with a smokey quartz accent. Wrapped in 14 Kt gold filled wire.
Mei-Ling Cheung
Finely wire wrapped, high quality gems and minerals. Copper jewelry with an emphasis in vibrant blue patinas.

'Whimsical Elegance' ~ I am a self-taught wire wrapper and specialize in wrapping mostly high quality gems and minerals. I try to emphasize the natural characteristics of the items that I am wrapping, as to not distract the viewer from it's uniqueness and true beauty. In addition, I enjoy working with copper and creating vibrant blue patinas and organic textures on the jewelry. Lastly, I tend to explore with alcohol ink, metal clay, and other mediums to create jewelry. Basically, it's all on a whim.