Jane Arey
Our necklaces come in 3 length and 5 fiber styles: 18", 12" Ribbon, Jewel, Shimmer, Plush & Bamboo with magnetic clasp closures and 36" open-ended Bohemian Ribbon Style that can be worn as a necklace, scarf, wrap, or belt!

The five collection styles of fiber necklaces casual & outgoing, jazzy & bold, sleek & elegant which makes them year-round favorites. The necklaces are well saturated in color and designed with multiple strands of colorful cotton, coordinated gem-like ribbon and other fibers to create a unique pattern to suit anyone’s style.

mbs jewelry designs
Mary A. Smith
Jewelry crafted by hand using sterling silver, gold-fill, therapeutic copper, and flexible leather, along with genuine gemstones, high quality crystal, glass, and other beads (including nuts and shells), and fine clasps and other findings (also hand-crafted in most cases).

I have been making hand-crafted jewelry since 2004. I like to tell my customers that my first pair of earrings took me all day to make and then I threw them out (they weren't fit to wear or sell)! And now my earrings (depending on style) can take from 15 minutes to an hour or more to make - and I seldom throw them out! I strive to make fine quality jewelry at an affordable price. I am a local designer, having been born and bred in the State of Maine.

Mexican boulder opal (or fire opal), on a copper splash, with a smokey quartz accent. Wrapped in 14 Kt gold filled wire.
Mei-Ling Cheung
Finely wire wrapped, high quality gems and minerals. Copper jewelry with an emphasis in vibrant blue patinas.

'Whimsical Elegance' ~ I am a self-taught wire wrapper and specialize in wrapping mostly high quality gems and minerals. I try to emphasize the natural characteristics of the items that I am wrapping, as to not distract the viewer from it's uniqueness and true beauty. In addition, I enjoy working with copper and creating vibrant blue patinas and organic textures on the jewelry. Lastly, I tend to explore with alcohol ink, metal clay, and other mediums to create jewelry. Basically, it's all on a whim.

Studio 207
Tammy DeSalle

Studio 207 is an all handmade gift boutique. Shop for Jewelry, wedding accessories, scarves, christening gowns, children's clothing and my newest obsession handmade pottery!