Diane Stroud
Creative and unique home decor

MadTown Designs are two people who both design and create every bit of the work. Our names are Phil Annal and Diane Stroud.
Phil and I have been artists/designers for over 30 years. Putting our talents together we found that we had opened a whole new creative energy between the two of us. We knew we were going to do things nobody else had ever done. So, we found ourselves creating with such a variety of different materials that it just opened up so many new ideas.
We use driftwood collected by ourselves on sunny afternoons and sometimes very muddy cold mornings. But we get lost in the excitement of the pieces we collect and bring home. We also use mirrored colored acrylic, gorgeous colors, exotic but not endangered woods.
Copper wire is used to create beaded wire trees and sun catchers. And last but not least, wonderful Swarovski faceted stones and vintage jewelry.

mbs jewelry designs
Mary A. Smith
Jewelry crafted by hand using sterling silver, gold-fill, therapeutic copper, and flexible leather, along with genuine gemstones, high quality crystal, glass, and other beads (including nuts and shells), and fine clasps and other findings (also hand-crafted in most cases).

I have been making hand-crafted jewelry since 2004. I like to tell my customers that my first pair of earrings took me all day to make and then I threw them out (they weren't fit to wear or sell)! And now my earrings (depending on style) can take from 15 minutes to an hour or more to make - and I seldom throw them out! I strive to make fine quality jewelry at an affordable price. I am a local designer, having been born and bred in the State of Maine.

Mexican boulder opal (or fire opal), on a copper splash, with a smokey quartz accent. Wrapped in 14 Kt gold filled wire.
Mei-Ling Cheung
Finely wire wrapped, high quality gems and minerals. Copper jewelry with an emphasis in vibrant blue patinas.

'Whimsical Elegance' ~ I am a self-taught wire wrapper and specialize in wrapping mostly high quality gems and minerals. I try to emphasize the natural characteristics of the items that I am wrapping, as to not distract the viewer from it's uniqueness and true beauty. In addition, I enjoy working with copper and creating vibrant blue patinas and organic textures on the jewelry. Lastly, I tend to explore with alcohol ink, metal clay, and other mediums to create jewelry. Basically, it's all on a whim.