Mixed Media

Caitlin Conte
I have been hand sculpting my faeries and other mystical creatures since 1997. They came to me from my lifelong connection and love of nature.

Faeries are about the wonder and magic that is sometimes lost in today's world. All of my faeries are hand sculpted without the use of molds and are all one of a kind. My watercolor paintings are inspired by both the mystical legends of Ireland and the beauty of Nature, both here in Maine and in the British Isles. After painting in oils and acrylics for years since my art school days in Boston I fell in love with the magic , the wonderful flowing effects that can express the wonder of the world around us and the images and patterns I see in the natural world. I hope that through my artwork I am helping to light the way back to a happier, more peaceful world of joy. I currently do several shows but am always happy to create a special order.

Message me and we can discuss your wishes.

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