Grey Goose Gourmet
Sandra Dwight-Barris

My name is Sandra. I'm the pepper jelly creator, cook and owner of Grey Goose Gourmet; where the kitchen is the heart of my business. When I am not making pepper jellies, you can find me either in our 1850's barn shop, my garden, a farmer's market, or at a festival sharing the pepper jelly love.

I enjoy creating these wonderful pepper jellies in the solitude of my own home at any time of the day, especially on a cold winter's night when it is so peaceful: the dogs are nestled in their beds, Norman (my husband) is sleeping (snoring) and the wood stove is burning. It's a true love from the heart. Making and sharing this simple but amazingly delicious food and all it’s goodness is my passion.

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Seal Cove
Ivy Window Valance
Polly Plourde
stained glass valances, fused glass ornaments, funky dishware, and coasters

Unique ornaments, funky dishware, and coasters made from fused glass. All design elements are cut by hand from fusible glass and fired in a kiln, resulting in colorful, one-of-a-kind ornaments and dishware which will make you smile!

We also create incredible stained glass valances for your windows. They will transform your home!

Chong Lim
Jane Arey
Our necklaces come in 3 length and 5 fiber styles: 18", 12" Ribbon, Jewel, Shimmer, Plush & Bamboo with magnetic clasp closures and 36" open-ended Bohemian Ribbon Style that can be worn as a necklace, scarf, wrap, or belt!

The five collection styles of fiber necklaces casual & outgoing, jazzy & bold, sleek & elegant which makes them year-round favorites. The necklaces are well saturated in color and designed with multiple strands of colorful cotton, coordinated gem-like ribbon and other fibers to create a unique pattern to suit anyone’s style.

Kim Pauley
Terry Strickland

Find a unique, beautiful accessory to highlight your signature style at Karrottop Jewelry. Karrottop Jewelry offers a long line of 100% sterling silver accessories including necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings crafted into sophisticated, timeless designs. Each piece is completely handcrafted to create an authentic, original look showcasing artistic elegance and personal care.

Karrottop Jewelry in Old Town, Maine, is named for my two beautiful red-headed daughters, who have enjoyed my handmade jewelry pieces their entire lives. I have worked with a diverse range of materials in the past and now carefully hammer and weave sterling silver to make one-of-a-kind jewelry gems. Each intricate chain, delicate pendant and elegant hoop is meticulously forged by hand, so no two are exactly alike.

Karrottop jewelry can be found at craft shows across Maine, and you can order yours online to have it shipped anywhere in the U.S. Explore the gallery to find a genuine sterling silver accessory to add to your own jewelry box, or to give as a present to friends or family. If you have a special design in mind, contact me today for a custom order handmade sterling silver jewelry.

Old Town
Lap Quilt
Peggi Loveless
I enjoy pulling fabric designs and colors together to create unique, one-of-a-kind quilted pieces. Everything from pins to lap quilts.

I have been sewing since I was 10 years old and quilting for the past 20+ years. Many of my pieces are based on traditional quilt blocks, interpreted in modern fabrics. All fabrics are first-quality 100% cotton. I use Warm & Natural batting and cotton thread. All quilting is by machine. I use a domestic sewing machine so I am not able to create quilts larger than lap size. Bindings are machine stitched to front and hand turned to the back.

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Sharon Dyke

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