Unique Mosaics & Photography
Meri Levesque

I consider myself a mixed media mosaic artist and photographer. For me what that means is that I incorporate many different items into each “UNIQUE” piece I make. For instance, when I make a mirror border, I many use mosaic tiles, glass beads, stained glass remnants, wild turkey feathers found in my yard, broken china, sea glass, and ceramic tiles to name a few. There are times when I will use my own photograph in the mosaic piece I am working on. The piece with the masks in an original photograph that I took in a store front in Bar Harbor. I loved all the colors and detail and knew I would make a smashing piece using this as part of the piece.

I like to find and reclaim old portraits as they have lost their families. I use these pieces when I am going for the nostalgic vintage look. The piece with the antique mail slot is an old cabinet door. This is an example of using beautiful portraits and “mosaicing” around them. And once sold, they have then found their new family!

My mosaics are all about color and texture. Vibrant is my middle name. And I know I must be doing something right because anyone who sees my work touches it, and runs their fingers along it. These pieces are works of art that are functional. Mirrors, bread boxes, antique shoe lasts used for either book-ends or door stops.

I am all about “up-cycling” and “re-purposing” finding old picture frames, the bread box, etc. at Goodwill, or yard sales, antique shops and making them UNIQUE and usable again.

I am very open to making custom pieces for you. We can tailor it to suit your needs and budget. I believe that the custom pieces are a collaboration between us and WE will create something wonderful.

Peace and blessings,

Meri Levesque

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