Betty’s Custom Jewelry
Betty Begin

Falling in love with natural Stone jewelry came quite accidentally to me. I started making these pendants for myself as something to do after retiring from a full time job. Little did I know that I would make this another business. The background and history of these stones became part this business as each stone is unique and had a dynamic of its own. Each pendant is custom wirewrapped depending on the shape and size. They are done in Sterling silver or gold filled wire .

Tony DiPietro
One of a kind Birdhouses and custom wood products. All made in Maine.

Each piece is designed by handcrafting new and resalvaged materials from our shop in Maine. No two pieces will be exactly alike, giving each piece its own identity like the buyer's of our products. Although some designs seem more popular than others we do not mass produce our product line so that we may give the artist free will at creativity. We hope the creativity in each piece will bring you and others the pleasure that it brings us. Enjoy!

Robert Rodzen
Leigh Greenlaw-Kilby
Avery Pierce
Jewelry created with my own hand formed flamework glass beads and metal work.
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Connie Brown

All of the products that I make are hand-woven in my studio in Bucksport, Maine. I weave all of the fabric, then either hem the pieces or make a product from the fabric. After the fabric or pieces are woven, they are machine washed and dried. Therefore, everything can be put in the washer and dryer with no worries!

Rebecca Kier
Pam Lanyon
Dan Stevens
Helen Caron
Handmade miniature polymer clay figurines. All made one at a time without the use of any molds. These figurines are made into ornaments, pins, wedding or birthday cake toppers and collectables. Custom orders are welcome as an example if you would like your cat or dog made into an ornament or any collectable. just message me and we can see what we can come up with. I also can send you pictures of past work.

I started this business about 30+ years ago and changed over from part time doing local craft fairs while working full time in Special Education for SAD #59 for 19 years to retiring to be able to do this full time for the past 10 years only doing large juried craft fairs around the state and working from my home to do special orders.


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